I am happy to report that I am free of the mysterious illness I was fighting with.

It was quite possibly one of the most frightening things I have ever had to deal with.

It started on August 1st with a pain in my groin that felt sort of like a bruise. A bruise never came. It soon changed to a knot on my knee. That's when I went to the doctor the first time. That was on the 13th I think. Anyway. After several more days it became a rather large rash that started consuming my entire right leg, growing so fast I could track its growth quite easily.
I went to the ER (August 17) No answers. More antibiotics.
Caused my ankles to swell to the point it was hard to see my bones. (28th) And hurt like nothing I had ever experienced before. I think one of the lowest points was about two in the morning my sweet nugget woke up crying and it took me forever to make it to her the pain was so bad. I totally cried myself back to sleep that night.

September 1. Another doc. Another roud of antibiotics, and an anti-fungal....?

Several rounds of antibiotics, four doctors, and the prayers of SO many later I found a doctor that was helpful!

I had a 15 minute appointment and he stayed with me for probably an hour and 15 mins. He ran more blood. Did a skin biopsy and sent a picture of it to 'the best doc he knows' prayed with me!!! And sent me off. that was Thursday September 6th. And Monday the 8th I finally had a diagnosis. And Dr Record called me himself!

May I present you with Erythema nodosum my friends!

The thing that has plagued my being for the last.... 38 days is over. I don't have lupus or arthritis or staph or cellulitis!! A silly erythema nodosum. Or perhaps it was something serious and my God took care of it. Either way serious or not so much I know that He was looking out for me! And I have a lot more people in my corner looking out for me with prayer than I think I do.

Having a Myserious illness certainly gives you a different perspective. I think I kissed my nugget and her daddy a lot more than normal. Cleaned my kitchen, did all the laundry. With a mysterious illness you just never know.....
My legs are still bruised and potentially could be forever. But I guess it will just be a reminder that perhaps I'm not gonna live forever. I better make the most of it. And I have a good place to start. :)

My friend posted this on FaceBook and thinking about my own sweet Nuggett is is SO terribly true.
As we approach her first birthday, I think about all of the little memories I have with that thing! And it's crazy!! She has really been a blessing to my life already. And I can't imagine all the things that she will accomplish.
I hope I spend all of the years God blesses me with, holding on to my baby (and any others I may have), making memories, and somehow showing her how to make her mark.
Cause I mean really? How can you not love her!
Even when she is a grumpy head! Lol
Today. I got to work. Actually work. We went over to Dads job today, and he said, "hey why dont you help me a second?" Well that turned into.... 5 hours. But man was it enjoyable.

We tore out a bathroom, linen closet, 2 closets. And before it was over Andrew had joined us and was moving the studs in the walls and rebuilding walls.
Andrew and dad would speak in this secret constuction code. Measure some things. And Andrew would build a wall! Haha. -okay fine. I'm sure it's not all that secret, but if you don't know what they are talking about. It is!
This is the new wall ;)
Tomorrow they should finish moving all of the walls, and by the end of next week. Yep. It should all be put back together.

For me. Well. I had a blast. But for now. I suppose I'll keep turning piles of fabric into little creations.
I have been working on another post, but having a hard time articulating what is on my mind/heart. So until I get that worked out. This will have to do :)

So. Yesterday. Wait. Monday. Josh made pickles. (quite tasty I might add). So while we were working on pickles, Kate found a new toy!!!
Gosh. Why do we spend money on actual toys......?
And then. Josh taught her a new trick. Only when I starte recording, she stopped doing it for real. Grrr. How do little monsters know this.
As silly as it seems I feel the need to explain what I am doing to Kate. Perhaps it would be different if she was an age where she actually understood and could help. This time. Well not so much.
That didn't stop me from sitting her in the stroller while I explained to her how to change the oil on a 2004 Chevy Impala.
I told her there are six steps. 1. Locate the plug and the oil filter. (her daddy one drained the transmission fluid....) 2. Drain oil into a cool recycling container. (this is assuming you ever take it for the oil to be recycled) 3. Change filter. 4. Replace plug. (otherwise all of the new oil drains into that cool contanior) 5. Add refreshing new oil. 6. Allow car to run for a few mins to circulate the new oil into the engine. This allows you to check if you need to add more. Ta-da!!
Yes. I explained it just like that. I feel like all kids should know how to do these simple things. It's just that my kid. Well she just can't really understand yet.
Rest assured when she can, it will be her job. After all she is a lot skinny that I am!
By the way the oil filter is in a dumb place.
And after waiting on me for that long Peek-A-Boo from under the car wasn't funny anymore.
And this is me hiding her save cause she was being CRAZY! Hehe.

Kate trying to get the hang of walking.

    Stephanie -

    So. I have never actually made a blog. Mostly because I don't think anyone is really all that interested in anything we are doing.
    But why not? read if you want to. don't if you don't hehe.


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