Today. I got to work. Actually work. We went over to Dads job today, and he said, "hey why dont you help me a second?" Well that turned into.... 5 hours. But man was it enjoyable.

We tore out a bathroom, linen closet, 2 closets. And before it was over Andrew had joined us and was moving the studs in the walls and rebuilding walls.
Andrew and dad would speak in this secret constuction code. Measure some things. And Andrew would build a wall! Haha. -okay fine. I'm sure it's not all that secret, but if you don't know what they are talking about. It is!
This is the new wall ;)
Tomorrow they should finish moving all of the walls, and by the end of next week. Yep. It should all be put back together.

For me. Well. I had a blast. But for now. I suppose I'll keep turning piles of fabric into little creations.

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    Stephanie -

    So. I have never actually made a blog. Mostly because I don't think anyone is really all that interested in anything we are doing.
    But why not? read if you want to. don't if you don't hehe.


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