As silly as it seems I feel the need to explain what I am doing to Kate. Perhaps it would be different if she was an age where she actually understood and could help. This time. Well not so much.
That didn't stop me from sitting her in the stroller while I explained to her how to change the oil on a 2004 Chevy Impala.
I told her there are six steps. 1. Locate the plug and the oil filter. (her daddy one drained the transmission fluid....) 2. Drain oil into a cool recycling container. (this is assuming you ever take it for the oil to be recycled) 3. Change filter. 4. Replace plug. (otherwise all of the new oil drains into that cool contanior) 5. Add refreshing new oil. 6. Allow car to run for a few mins to circulate the new oil into the engine. This allows you to check if you need to add more. Ta-da!!
Yes. I explained it just like that. I feel like all kids should know how to do these simple things. It's just that my kid. Well she just can't really understand yet.
Rest assured when she can, it will be her job. After all she is a lot skinny that I am!
By the way the oil filter is in a dumb place.
And after waiting on me for that long Peek-A-Boo from under the car wasn't funny anymore.
And this is me hiding her save cause she was being CRAZY! Hehe.

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    So. I have never actually made a blog. Mostly because I don't think anyone is really all that interested in anything we are doing.
    But why not? read if you want to. don't if you don't hehe.


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