My friend posted this on FaceBook and thinking about my own sweet Nuggett is is SO terribly true.
As we approach her first birthday, I think about all of the little memories I have with that thing! And it's crazy!! She has really been a blessing to my life already. And I can't imagine all the things that she will accomplish.
I hope I spend all of the years God blesses me with, holding on to my baby (and any others I may have), making memories, and somehow showing her how to make her mark.
Cause I mean really? How can you not love her!
Even when she is a grumpy head! Lol
7/24/2015 02:45:18 am


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    Stephanie -

    So. I have never actually made a blog. Mostly because I don't think anyone is really all that interested in anything we are doing.
    But why not? read if you want to. don't if you don't hehe.


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